RubyWeb: Pioneering Premium Web Solutions

Formerly known as WeDev.Africa, RubyWeb presents a new time in our history of digital expertise. Established in 2014, WeDev.Africa laid a strong foundation of innovation and reliability. Acquired by Ruby Search Solutions in 2024, today’s RubyWeb stands as a testament to our steadfast dedication to deliver customized web solutions. These premium solutions are designed to meet the evolving demands of dynamic companies, extending our reach not only across Africa but also in the USA.

Our Story: An Array of Experience and Expertise

Our story is rooted in the objective of making the digital world accessible and impactful for ambitious companies striving to establish their digital presence. From our early stages as WeDev.Africa to our transformation into RubyWeb, we have broadened our scope, fostering collaborations at local, national, and global scales. Our expertise has been refined over a decade, accumulating invaluable knowledge and insights that improve our innovation, teamwork and client engagement.

Meet the Leadership at RubyWeb

Martin Spautz

Executive board member: Director & Head of Web Solutions

Justin Lester

Non-Executive Chairman of the board

Ebert Grobler

Non-Executive board member: Operations

Francois Herbst

Non-Executive board member: Finance

Our Mission

Our mission transcends the creation of visually appealing and functional websites. We aim to empower companies to thrive in the digital age by developing websites that captivate, engage, and convert. Our enduring client relationships attest to our commitment to delivering growth-oriented solutions that elevate brand visibility and optimize online marketing efficacy. 

Our Impact Quantified

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Why Choose RubyWeb?

By selecting RubyWeb, a Web Development and Maintenance specialist, you are forming a partnership with a team that is deeply invested in your company’s expansion. Here’s what sets us apart:

Your Success, Our Expertise

The partnership with RubyWeb begins with an in-depth exploration of your company’s essence. By aligning our strategies with your objectives, we turn challenges into steppingstones for your success, with regular communication and collaboration forming the foundation of our approach. 

Innovation at Every Turn

Innovation propels us forward, positioning RubyWeb at the forefront of web design and development. We deliver premium solutions that boost your online presence to meet and exceed industry standards.

Transparent Collaboration

Open communication is our hallmark, ensuring our collective efforts lead to impactful outcomes. With RubyWeb, you gain more than a web development partner; you gain a team of web specialists committed to your growth.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

RubyWeb's maintenance plans prioritize your website's health, ensuring optimal functionality to drive traffic and enhance visibility.

From Idea to Digital Reality

Whether launching a new project or reimagining an existing one, RubyWeb serves as your gateway to exceptional web design and development that adheres to the latest standards for an exceptional user experience.

Your Choice: RubyWeb

RubyWeb delivers holistic web solutions, providing seamless functionality and optimized performance, ensuring your digital platform is operational every day of the year. Choose us for a partnership extending beyond just service delivery, for we are dedicated to becoming an integral part of your success.
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Frequently Asked Questions

RubyWeb specializes in bespoke web solutions empowering U.S.-based Companies to thrive online. Our premium products and solutions encompass web design, web development, UX design, and content strategy, ensuring visually striking and high-performing websites for a seamless user experience. 

We cater to diverse industries, including healthcare, retail, technology, and finance. Our adeptness in navigating unique industry challenges enables us to provide customized web solutions tailored to companies of any size to realize their digital goals and objectives. 

Our approach is customer-centric, commencing with a comprehensive analysis of your target audience and competitors. We devise personalized strategies aimed at creating a compelling online presence. Our collaborative and transparent process ensures the final product is not just a website but a significant company tool. 

Our process begins with a deep understanding of your vision. We proceed to design, crafting a visual representation that embodies your brand. Development ensues, focusing on responsiveness and user engagement. We keep you involved throughout, ensuring the requirements exceed your expectations. 

We gauge success by how effectively your website fulfills its intended objectives. Tracking user engagement, traffic, and conversion rates, we refine strategies based on these KPIs to ensure your website not only meets but excels in its goals. 

RubyWeb distinguishes itself through its dedication to personalized web experiences that genuinely resonate with your audience. Our blend of creativity, technical proficiency, and commitment to your success ensures we deliver comprehensive digital experiences that engage and captivate. Our collaborative ethos positions us as a trusted partner in your digital journey.